Best private wow servers

Choosing the right server for you can be quite tricky, however here are my favorite servers, to help you out if you’re not sure about looking for them yourself. Obviously the best way to go about it yourself is to go looking for a realm that fits you and i can recommend this wow servers list. These are the servers i play on, in no particular order :

WoW Mania

Wow mania caters to anyone and everyone that wants to play up to the WOTLK expansion. It’s one of the eras considered the best along with bc and vanilla and most people believe wow went downhill with cataclysm. There’s plenty of people active on it and there are a few full guilds running raids and actively pvping on the daily. The server is pretty basic but it follows the if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, which has served them well.

Retro WoW

This is my go-to realm for vanilla testing, with their instant 60 and active battleground scene it’s a perfect place to test out a off the wall build or a new strat. They have a pretty active community and the staff is decently responsive, but it’s not really a server i play on regularly since people tend to come play on it in bursts. They create a new char, play for a bit, then get bored. Still a nice realm while those bursts last.

Elysium Project

This is vanilla too, but a whole different type of server. This is as blizzlike as it gets, xp is 1x, you dont get anything for free and while they do have an integrated cash store, it’s mostly for cosmetics. It’s the vanilla experience in a nutshell. Community is extremely dedicated and nice and are more than willing to talk you through any questions or problems you might have. A long haul type of server to be sure.

Heroes WoW

I’d be remiss if i didn’t include at least one up to date wow server and this one is it. It’s updated up to Bfa and let’s you play the current content. However with the release of shadowlands i suspect most people will want to go either for retail or wait for them to rip the latest expansion. The server itself is fine, there’s plenty of people still playing and you’d be hard pressed to find a better current style wow private server.

These are my choices for best wow private servers. There are others of course but these are the cream of the crop in my opinion. However if you’re looking for a specific type of realm, I’d advise you to go check out where you can find plenty of servers to pick and choose from.