New Vanilla WoW Realm

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a few months, you would know that Feenix is planning a delicious new Vanilla World of Warcraft Realm. I’ve put together a brief FAQ together with my own hopes for the realm.

Give me an overview on the server.

This vanilla realm will be blizzlike with 1 x experience levelling, reputation and drop rates. There’ll be fully scripted dungeons and dungeon quests together with fully scripted server events (AQ40, Naxx, etc). You’ll even have to do all the proper attunement quests to get keys for places like Scholo, Strat, Onyxia, etc. To make things even more blizzlike, the developers have the vanilla 16 debuff slot system working AND pathfinding!!

What content will be available?

The realm will start off with just Upper Blackrock Spire, Molten Core and Onyxia.

Which content will be released gradually?

 Dire Maul
PvP Honor System | Warsong Gulch | Outdoor PvP objectives
Blackwing Lair
Alterac Valley
Arathi Basin
Dragons of Nightmare
The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj | The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

When will the realm be open?

Saturday August 25 – exact time to be confirmed.

What are you looking forward to Clodagh?

Do you remember the old days of Southshore and Tarren Mill battles, the Stranglethorn Gank Fest, ? If you LOVE world PVP, you should definitely make a character on Emerald Dream. Expect all that and more from this realm.

Sick to death of dungeon finder on retail? Remember the days you used to do instances with your mates? Travel to the dungeons and get some world PVP in between. Relive the days when you had to work hard at grinding those instances to get your last piece of shadowcraft and the word “epic” actually meaning something. I’m really looking forward to playing with my friends and doing all the content together. Starting out with rubbish green gear and gradually making it better and better – what’s the rush? This is vanilla as it was meant to be played.

With 1 x drop rates, crafting items will be big business. I’m looking forward to leveling something really useful to help my friends out with that starter gear. I’m really looking forward to grinding the different materials for crafting my own gear for leveling up and trading these items with others in exchange for gold and silver.

Something really lost from retail WoW with the whole dungeon/group finder setup. You don’t even need to have friends anymore to get the gear that you want there. Here, you are forced to interact with people on a social level which in my opinion, is the whole point of an MMORPG.

What’s your plans for when Emerald Dream comes out?

Warsong will still be my main server because that’s where I’ve built my guild and community up but I’ll also be playing on Emerald Dream casually. I’ll be levelling on alliance side (LF guild lol) and I’ve put together an amazing dwarf team which consists of:-

Team Dwarf

Tzyx (tauren druid) –> Dwarf Warrior

Amondia (undead rogue) –> Dwarf Rogue

Yuzu aka Pidge (undead warlock) –> Dwarf Priest (shadow)

Matched (undead rogue) –> Dwarf Hunter

and me, Clodagh (undead priest) –> Dwarf Paladin

We aren’t going at it super-hardcore, just playing on the nights we aren’t raiding or premading on Warsong but we’re really looking forward to levelling up together with quests and lots of 5 man dungeons.

It’ll be a whole new experience for me because I’ve never really played alliance properly before. I leveled on warsong 1-60 on one island because I didn’t know how to travel to the other one without the zepplin (HORDE4LYFE YO). So I guess there’ll be a lot for me to learn in terms of traveling around and discovering a whole new set of quests, etc. I plan on blogging about my experiences along the way too!