WoW private server faq

28 November, 2022

WoW private server faq

What are WoW private servers ?
Wow servers, also known as realms, allow you to play world of warcraft. Private servers allow you to play on a server curated by someone other than blizzard.

Is it legal ?
Short answer, yes. A bit longer answer, while blizzard does indeed prohibit downloading their assets, they do allow playing the game online, so you can play it on a private server without facing legal problems.

Why would I want to play on a private server ?
The most common reason is that players tend to disagree about blizzards decisions about changes done to the game, especially with the later expansions. Obviously most private servers are also free to play on so that's an incentive too.

What are different types of wow private servers ?
Well, there's the obvious blizzlike, which is pretty much a copy of blizzards servers. Then there are the PvP and PvE realms, which pretty much tell you whether you can battle other players on the realms. Lastly there are RP realms, which are reserved for roleplaying.

Where can I find WoW Private servers ?
I tend to use this private wow servers list.

That's it about wow private servers. Datchley out.